June 1, 2015

Instagram vs Pinterest for Salon Professionals: Which is best?


Instagram vs Pinterest for Salon Professionals.Instagram vs Pinterest

Salon Professionals Are Wondering…

“Should I be on Instagram or Pinterest?”

Social media is a big opportunity for hair salons and beauty professionals. And it’s not going away anytime soon. If you aren’t already using social media – especially if you cater to younger people – you are really missing out.

Maybe you already have a Facebook page (not just a profile!) and a Twitter account. These two are the most important platforms for connecting with your fans.

With so many social media choices out there, it’s way too time consuming to try to use them all.

Here’s what you should do next…

NEW ALERT: Instagram now has new features that turn this social media platform into a better tool for salon owners and professionals. Check it out here: Instagram’s 6 New Updates

Comparing Two Useful and Similar Social Media Networks: Instagram vs Pinterest

Let’s take a closer look at two visual platforms you can use to showcase your work, build your brand, and connect with customers using images and videos.

Both are great for hair stylists, barbers, and nail techs because visuals create emotional connections. They let customers and referrals see who you are. You can share your images on other social network sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Tell us which social media sites you use… and what works best –

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Rising stars, both claim to be the “fastest growing” with over 100 million users each, worldwide. What does that mean to a local salon? About 30% of people in your area who use social media at all use one or both of these sites.

The main draw is that they are both picture-based. People love seeing visuals. With social media, more viewers click on posts with images than on those without. Also, some of the top trending topics on these sites are hair and beauty. If you’re going to be on social media at all, you should be on one of these. I say ONE to save you time, but…

Instagram vs Pinterest – Which Is Better for Salons?

First, let’s get clear on your goals. You are using social media to…

  • Create connections and showcase your work
  • Make it easy for others to refer you
  • Attract more first-time customers
  • Get current clients to come in more often and stay loyal to you!

With that in mind, let’s explore what each as to offer…

Instagram for Salon Professionals

Instagram vs Pinterest For Salon ProfessionalsHow cool is it that you can take a picture with your phone and upload it for the world to see! If you have a smartphone, after you install the app, you can share pictures INSTANTLY from your mobile device.

Instagram is all about showcasing your own photos. That’s easy for a hairstylist, barber or nail tech! You can even make your original photos look cool and exciting. It’s great for info-graphic ads and coupons.

But there are some drawbacks. You can share your photos and videos, but you cannot share a blog post or someone else’s image.

It is designed to stay true to what it is, a platform for sharing images. Most people do not go to Instagram looking for deals; they go to see pictures of family and friends.

As a salon professional, you are in business to get appointments, not just showcase your work. That means Instagram does not drive business to you as effectively as other social media sites.

Pinterest for Salon Professionals

What’s great about this media platform is its flexibility. You can “Pin” almost anything. You can Pin something from a website you are looking at or an original photo of your own. With no vertical size limit on Pins, you have a lot of room for creativity.

With about 70% of users being women, it’s not surprising that one of the most popular Pinterest topics is fashion. Pins about beauty (especially hair) may even be the most popular. I personally love to go on Pinterest to look at hairstyle ideas and nail art.

Another great thing about Pinterest, you can link directly, not only to your Facebook & Twitter accounts but to your appointment website. Now you have them right where you want them! Just like the [boost post] button on Facebook, you can promote your ad on Pinterest.

Unlike the other platform, Pinterest allows you to add PRICES. In fact, when you do, you get a better response than on Pins with no price. Clicks and sales happen more often on Pinterest than on either Twitter or Facebook, and many times better than on Instagram.

Instagram vs Pinterest - Keisha_George_Prebook


Saving the best for last… Pinterest is better than any other social media site at turning visitors into sales. All the prospect has to do is click and they will be led to your appointment site or your special offer.

You’ll know which Pins work best because your sales can be tracked back to the source – your Pin.

The main purpose of Pinterest is to direct potential clients to your website to make an appointment. It is designed with the buyer & advertiser in mind.

Earn 6-Figures!

Local businesses get more sales through Pinterest than with any other social network. You’ll see right away that your time on this social media platform is taking you closer to your 6-Figure Income goals.

To sum it up – Instagram is easy and fast. It will showcase your work and build your brand presence. Pinterest will get you more new clients and repeat business.

If you are choosing between the two, I would most definitely recommend Pinterest. Now that you have the biggest positives and negatives of both… you can decide for yourself.

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