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Freda Austin Provides Perfect-For-You Haircuts and Healthy Hair Care 

At Salon Mystique you will receive the perfect style that fits your face and your profession with a focus on healthy hair. Discover what TO DO and what NOT to do to keep your style looking great and your hair healthy in-between appointments.

My passion is to cut and style hair. Not just a basic cut – I like to be trendy and up-scale. This is what my clients look for and tell me they like best. I apply the techniques I learn from classes and my experience to create the right effect.

It’s not just about doing hair!

My focus is on healthy hair. I’m passionate about knowledge… “The Science of Hair”. I love to learn and continue my education so I can give my clients the best, most up-to-date service:

  • One-to-one personal attention
  • Positive encouragement
  • Timely and respectful care
  • Especially for professional women and business owners

During your consult I will ask you questions and listen to what you want. This develops a high level of trust naturally. I’m affectionate, giving and encouraging… I love on everybody.

People tell me,

“Every time I talk with you I always feel better.”

Giving of my time, my knowledge, and my Faith, I don’t do anything half way. That commitment gets reflected in my business and in everything I do. I represent Him, and He does everything well.

Character matters: Knowledgeable and highly skilled, I give consistent results.

Being a hairstylist and salon owner is my passion and life commitment – a way to express and share with others the gifts the Lord has given me.

“When you have a passion, you must truly live it!”

If you are ready to look your best inside and out… be sure to call me for an appointment!

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