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The highest form of praise isnt what you have to say. It is what others say about you. Great testimonials tell a story about the problem or wish a client had, what you did for them, and what changed for them afterwards - their result.
Great testimonials look something like this: Before I met (name), I (problem or desire). What (name) did for me was (briefly describe solution), Now I (have this result).
Example: Before I met Debra, my hair had a mind of it's own. She gave me a conditioner that really calmed my hair right down. Now I spend a LOT less time fussing over my hair, and I look like I just stepped out of the salon any day of the week.
How to encourage your clients to write you a great testimonial:
When they are happy about something, say, Thats great! Would you mind if I used that as a testimonial? Or call clients who you know are happy and tell them you want to let others know how you can help them look their best, too. Would they be willing to give you a testimonial?
Help them put their experience into words:
Problem: Ask what was problem, challenge or wish they had.
Solution: Ask them how you helped them or what their experience was.
Result: Ask what they loved about the result - what changed for them?
This is a friendly conversation you can have when you know they are happy with something you did for them.
Next: Write the testimonial according to what they said, using the problem-solution-result formula.
Finally: Read the crafted testimonial back to them and get their OK to use it. To make your testimonial much stronger, give their name (shortened is ok) and city.
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~ Debra-Sue Cope