Oxon Hill, MD

Oxon Hill, MD

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Salon Plaza Oxon Hill Asks Beauty Professionals, “Are You…

Tired Of Building Someone Else’s Dream?

Ready For Your “Suite” Spot of Ownership?


As a licensed cosmetologist, you’ve made it. And yet, if you’re like most independent salon professionals, something is missing. Is it the chance to be your own boss and run your own salon with Salon Plaza Oxon Hill?

If In Your Heart Of Hearts You Hold A Greater Vision

Get Ready To Do Something Extraordinary With YOUR Life…

Salon Plaza Oxon Hill makes it possible to own a salon – without all the start up costs, employees to manage, and overhead to worry about.

Salon Plaza Oxon Hill is located in the Rivertowne Shopping Center just south of the Beltway in Rivertowne Commons. Shops and entertainment include the AMC Theatre, Bath and Bodyworks, Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet, Staples and Safeway.

Not to mention restaurants like the Outback Steakhouse, Bojangles, and IHOP – plenty of shopping and food choices to enjoy.

And the best news?

Salon Plaza is Open in Oxon Hill!
Rivertowne Shopping Center, South of the Beltway
Don’t Miss Out – Space is LIMITED!

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Salon Plaza Oxon Hill Member Gives Advice For Independent Hairstylists

Salon Plaza Oxon Hill MD Wanda Berry Black Hair ISWhat Wanda Berry, Owner of BLACK HAIR IS has to say about PROSPERING as an independent hairstylist and owner…

If you’re like most salon professionals, being your own boss sounds great!

With ownership comes responsibilities – You must grow professionally in your thoughts and actions.

Excellent client service, great skills, and the ability to get more clients are the basics to running a successful business – even if right now you rent a booth in someone else’s salon.

And if you get the skills you need – beyond what you learned in cosmetology school – you CAN become your own boss.

Want To Know My Secrets?

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Follow my lead and market yourself to get more clients. Choose to do things that constantly keep you connected with people who can become a source of business.

If you are a licensed cosmetologist and are considering Salon Plaza Oxon Hill, let me tell you why this Plaza is such a great place to set up shop. Located just off the Beltway in Rivertowne Commons, there’s lots of shops, food, and entertainment for you and your clients to enjoy.

That means you’ll get walk-ins, too!

Talented hairstylists sometimes drop out of this business, even when it’s their passion. You must be motivated and truly independent. You’ll have up times and down times – be patient!

The main thing in this profession is…

Don’t Give Up!

Learn To Promote Yourself as a booth renter or owner, even if you run a traditional, multi-chair salon – or just work in one.

And if you’re curious about Salon Plaza Oxon Hill and want to know more – what are you waiting for?

Attention Salon Professionals:

Salon Plaza Studios offers salon professionals a way to open a salon that’s easy, profitable and FUN! If you’ve been dreaming about being your own boss…

Independent salon professionals choose to run their salon out of a Salon Plaza Studio because they love the freedom and privacy it gives them. Their clients enjoy the difference!

Could This Be YOUR Space for Prosperity?


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