August 30, 2014

Attention Independent Hairstylists Who Want To Keep Their Chair FULL!


Hairstylists how to get clients with Salon PlazaIndependent hairstylists, are you struggling to keep your chair full?

Do you think the only good way to attract new clients to your chair is by referrals?

Independent hairstylists, If the only way you get new clients right now is by word of mouth, you’re missing out on a lot of new business.

It’s not your fault

Where would you have learned ways to market yourself THAT WORK?

You probably have TRIED other ways, like advertising in the local news or maybe even on Facebook. But right now, if the only thing that you can count on to fill your chair with new clients is referrals, let me ask you this question…

Are you getting as much new business as you want? 

You don’t need to limit yourself like this. Other hairstylists successfully use low and no-cost ways to attract new clients.


Hairstylists how to get clientsYou don’t have to take risks with your time and money. You can follow step-by-step methods already PROVEN to work.

Only 2 things keep you from doing what others are already doing to quickly grow their book:

  1. Right know-how
  2. Right actions

That’s the reason for this Salon Owner Success Blog – to get your marketing set right up, keep your phone ringing, and your chair as full as you want it to be.

But don’t expect magic to happen if you read our posts and don’t take action! You must start by putting a plan in place to get your marketing message on a rock-solid foundation.

Here are 2 keys to get your wheels turnin’ in the right direction!

1. Know your clientele

Who are your ideal clients and what do they really want? Think of your repeat clients. What do they have in common? What do you do that continually pleases them?

2. Stop competing on price!

How do you do that? Decide how you will stand out from all the other hairstylists. Communicate to your prospects and clients what makes you special. When the right clientele are attracted to you for the right reasons, you can promote your services at FULL PRICE.

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Come up with five words that describe the core benefits you give your clients. Consider the compliments your clients give you. How do you delight them? What gives you the most satisfaction? How do you transform their look… and their lives?

Next, combine these words into a sentence or two that describes the unique benefits you offer. Be sure to use this tagline in your market messages and media.

With the incredible competition out there –

You can’t afford to lose clients… it’s just too costly! 

Note: If you’re like most beauty professional’s I’ve spoken with, your REAL DREAM is to open your own place

If you want to know more about attracting and keeping clients, simply sign up for our 52 Keys to Success. The weekly marketing tips you will receive are designed to help you attract clients like crazy, whether you own your shop or right now are renting a booth and need to attract your own clientele.

hairstylists own a salon

Just for a moment, pause and visualize what your life would be like if you ran your own salon…

  • YOU set your own schedule
  • NEVER ask permission to take time off
  • Set the atmosphere just the way YOU want it to be…

Sound ideal?


Before you open your own shop, it’s not enough to have great beauty skills and the dream to own it…

You must also have a solid book of business who will come with you to your new place. When you have enough loyal clients to keep you pretty much as busy as you want to be, then you’ll have a far greater chance to make it on your own.

You just can’t run a business without clients!

There’s nothing else like ownership –

  • Gain freedom and more control over your schedule
  • Create an atmosphere that reflects YOU
  • Develop close one-to-one relationships with your clients

If you work in someone else’s shop right now, your income is probably stuck on “neutral.” And if you know how to run it right, with your own salon you will make more money for you and your loved ones. You’ll live a better life.
As one salon owner recently told me…

“Working for someone else means you give up a lot of control for not much money.”

If you’re even thinking about owning your own place, build up your clientele FIRST – you will be much stronger when you get started.

Want help?

Sign up for our 52 Key for Success. It will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be… if you take ACTION!!

Get 52 Keys to Salon Success Now!Start Creating YOUR Space for Prosperity... for FREE!


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