Troy Williams: Award Winning Barber at Golden Ring in Rosedale MD

Troy Williams: Award Winning Barber at Golden Ring in Rosedale MD

Award Winning Barber in Rosedale, MD

Meet Award Winning Barber Troy Williams at Salon Plaza Golden RingOur Member of the Month 

Salon Plaza Rosedale Troy Williams award winning barber“This would be a perfect shopping center if there was a barbershop here.”

Before Salon Plaza opened in Rosedale MD, the strangest thing happened. I was shopping at Golden Ring and thought, “This would be an excellent place for a barbershop.”

TWO YEARS later Danielle Buckson called me – we used to work next door to each other. The first person to sign a lease at Salon Plaza Golden Ring, she told me they were opening up soon. Did I want to run my own shop?

I was blown away because it was the same location. I had envisioned working here two years before it opened.

3 words of advice for hairstylists, barbers, nail techs, estheticians… any salon professional who wants to open a shop:



Becoming an award winning barber in this business requires being consistent and persistent. Show up. Always be on time.

I learned this as a CUSTOMER. One day I walked into a barbershop and a whole bunch of people were waiting. The moment I stepped in the shop, I thought,

“This is not fair to people who come in and have to wait.

They have a job and have limited time.”

Meet Troy Williams award winning barber at Salon Plaza Golden Ring - Member of the Month I made up my mind right then that I wanted to get into the industry and make it better. I was 16 years old.

Before even graduating from Avara’s Academy of Hair Design in Dundalk, MD, one of the instructors offered me a job right away at the Forte Meade military base. He saw my ambition and work ethic.

Five years later, I decided to work closer to home to be there for my daughter, Shabria. I became the manager of a 15-chair shop. Always on time, he saw leadership in me. It only took the owner only ONE WEEK to promote me.

When my daughter’s mother passed away, I raised her by myself. It wasn’t easy but I got through it. She’s in college now, becoming a nurse.

Becoming an award winning barber really does come down to your ETHICS. Be an upstanding individual.

Give your clients something to remember you by that nobody else does. Every time a client sits down, put yourself in the chair. Ask yourself…

“What would I like when I’m in the chair?

What wouldn’t I like?”

For starters, I’d want a clean and comfortable environment, and good conversation. Be willing and prepared to give healthy hair tips. Go the extra mile. Be just as satisfied with your client’s haircut as the client. Give it your own stamp of approval.

That way, once you get them in your chair, they’ll keep coming back. Truth is, when I’m done with them, they don’t want to get out of my chair.

They are enjoying my service and want to stay a little longer.


Troy Williams at Salon Plaza Golden Ring award winning barberBeing able to serve ANYONE plays a major role in my business. Men, women, children – as long as they have hair, I’ll do it.

When I went to barber school, what I appreciated most was the diverse setting. All kinds of customers came in – African American, Caucasian, Chinese… it gave me the opportunity to learn different types of hair.

When I got my job at Fort Meade, I met people from all over the world. As long as they’d stay on the base before they’d get sent to some other part of the world, customers would adhere to me.

What it boils down to is, never see people as foreign – be able to accommodate customers with the style they like. When they come in with photos or describe what they want, have the confidence to go after it. Be patient and try it out.

Torah, The Bible, The Holy Koran…

I study all scripture. That way I can adapt to all kinds of people and how they think. If I didn’t study, I wouldn’t know how to greet them in their own language and custom:

“Shalom Aleichem”

“Peace be unto you”

“As-Salaam Alaikum”

Be able to serve anyone.


Always keep your ideas new and fresh. Styles change, new equipment becomes available – stay current with what’s going on.


Watch what other barbers and stylists are doing. Go to trade shows and take continuing classes. Don’t get too comfortable or you’ll get lost in time.

What’s my biggest advantage? I can tell you in one word…


On next Friday’s post, we’ll go into how you can develop your personality to be your biggest asset. In the meantime

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