Salon Plaza's Simple Secrets To Build Your Personal Brand on Facebook

Salon Plaza’s Simple Secrets To Build Your Personal Brand on Facebook


Facebook marketing with salon plaza - build your personal brandSalon Plaza Asks, Among All Choices, Why Should Someone Choose YOU?

To distinguish your professional skills from the rest, build your personal brand on Facebook!

My barber has been cutting hair for over 20 years for all ages and hair types… His CLAIM to FAME is creating the perfect fade for women’s natural hair. When he first cut my hair 3 years ago, he explained that the vision of how to shape the fade comes to him as he cuts.

It’s his specialty.

What style do you enjoy crafting most… the one that makes you step back and admire your beautiful design?

As a cosmetologist, you know all facets of hair and skin care, and yet there’s a special style that comes to life through your hands. Your WHY that drives and delights you.

For instance, if you enjoy designing braids or doing a full weave so well that you are considered a “weaveologist,” with Facebook, you can establish yourself as the EXPERT of that style and build your personal brand on it. There are SO MANY stylists – but none quite like YOU!

Knowing your WHY, you can begin to create your personal brand and stand out in the crowd.

Ideal Clients Could Become Twice-A-Month Clients 

salon plaza facebook marketing tips - build your personal brand

As is true with all good marketing, on Facebook you must demonstrate your professional strengths to build your personal brand. Your “ideal clients” are looking for your perfect combination of style, skill, and personality. They are able to pay your rate and want you to maintain their look.

Facebook is an excellent marketing medium to establish your salon’s “unique selling promise”. Spend some time uploading pictures to attract your ideal clients who want what you do. Without these photos, potential clients tend to pass right by to stylists who do provide a “sneak preview” of their work. 

Images are your client’s visual endorsements of your brand. By uploading visuals that fascinate others and illustrate the signature quality of your work, you define your “unique selling promise.”

Images Build Trust!

      • CAUTION: Before you upload a video or image of clients on your Facebook Page, be sure to get their consent.

5 Action Steps:

Last week we talked about creating your Facebook profile and reaching out to your clients. This week, let’s upload wall posts to engage your contacts.

  1. Go through photos of your work and upload pictures that establish your brand. Develop the habit of doing this weekly.
  2. Search for ‘Facebook Hair Groups’ that display the styles you like to design. These groups don’t need to be local. You are establishing yourself as the expert in your specialty.
  3. Create a group about your favorite topics and invite your colleagues into the discussion. Be sure to respond to colleagues when they post questions in your groups. How To Name Your Facebook Group To Be Searchable & Get Found!
  4. Post tips on your profile and messages in your groups to help your clients take excellent care of their hair between appointments.
  5. If you like to create videos, record quick ‘How to’ videos. Popular topics get watched, shared, and will position you as the expert. How-to videos will strengthen your brand on the Internet.

Connect Your YouTube Channel To Your Facebook Profile

You don’t have to take drastic measures to be perceived as unique. How great that a salon owner or independent stylist can VISUALLY communicate their brand to their most likely clients with a mobile phone, Facebook profile or page, and a YouTube channel!

Invite Subscriptions To Your Email List

If you already have a website, Facebook can become a lead generator to your site. Consider adding an email subscription offer on your Facebook page so visitors can sign up for your newsletter and promotions. Learn how to use email marketing to stay “top of mind” and in touch with your customers.

      • BONUS: At the end of this series we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to create a Facebook business page.

The fact is, because many shop for services on-line, building a professional and personal brand on Facebook is quickly becoming a MUST DO. From realtors to funeral homes (yes, I did say funeral homes), local businesses are attracting new customers and staying in touch through social media.

Creating a personal brand on Facebook is as simple as connecting with your clients, and then posting images and messages to help new clients find you… and LIKE you!

Are You Ready To Build Your Personal Brand & Attract Clients Like Crazy?

All success comes from the correct mindset. Your thoughts always affect your future. If you take aim consistently, you will reach your destination.

Tomorrow depends on the choices we make today. Here’s how to reach your biggest goals ever –

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