Salon Plaza Member Exclusive: How To Set Up Your Facebook Page

Salon Plaza Member Exclusive: How To Set Up Your Facebook Page

Salon Plaza Salon Owners Success new image resized 600Salon Plaza’s Salon Owners – Member Exclusive:

Once you set up your Salon Plaza personal website, you can link to your Facebook page. This post will show you how to set up your Facebook business page, step-by-step.

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After you’ve linked your personal Salon Plaza website to your Facebook business page, let us know in the ‘Comments’ below…

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Here are some questions Salon Plaza Members have been asking about Facebook:

More FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions coming soon!

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If you’ve been waiting set up your Facebook page until you really know how to do it right, NOW is the time! (If you’ve already set up your page, glance through this post to make sure you got the details right – it will help you get found.)

To Set Up Your Facebook Page, Follow This Step-By-Step Recipe: 

1. Start by watching this video about Facebook pages – It’s only 1.22 minutes long. 

Create a Facebook Page

2. Now you’re ready to get started. Go now to Facebook and set up your Facebook page

3. Because you are a salon owner, click on ‘local business’:

Create a Page

4. Click on ‘local business or place’ and fill in the fields.

Local Business or Place

5. Click ‘get started’, which will take you to Section 1 – About.

Enter your keywords so people can find you when they are searching for services like yours. ‘Hair Salon’ is a popular search term in Facebook’s database so include it as one of your keyword phrases. Be sure to include your business phone number and your Salon Plaza website.


About Page    Keywords resized 600


Facebook Keywords

6. This page will expand for you to answer the last two questions.

Fill In the About Page Fields resized 600

7. Click ‘save info’ and you’ll be on Section 2 – Your Profile Image.

Your profile picture must be at least 180 pixels wide. Use your business logo, a signature hairstyle, or the same photo as on your Facebook personal profile. Whichever you choose, plan to use the same, consistent image with all of your social media profile pictures.

Facebook will ask if you want to add your page to your Favorites – I recommend this.

Add to Favorites

9. Click ‘Add to Favorites’, save your choices, and then ‘add a cover’.  

Cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. If you upload an image that’s smaller than these dimensions, it will be stretched to this larger size.

If you are wanting a few tips on how to create a cover image that helps you to build your business, a special post is coming soon on the new Facebook Cover Rules.

10. Now it’s time to click on  ‘update page info’

Update Page Info

Edit your settings as needed. Think about how you want your audience to post on your page. Do you want them to post pictures? This is the area for you to set boundaries for how you want visitors to engage with you on your page.

Edit Settings resized 600

Note: As your business grows you may want to ask someone else to manage your Facebook page. To do that, first ‘Friend’ her/him on Facebook. Now click on ‘manage admin’ and add as administrator

Page Admin resized 600

11. To enhance your visitors’ experience on your page, add tabs.

Click on the tab drop down menu and expand your tab options as show below:

Tab Access

Now click on the + sign then click on ‘Find More Apps’.


Do you have a YouTube channel?

You can connect your Facebook visitors to your Youtube channel.

Here’s how to add an app to a tab – specifically, the YouTube app. When you click on ‘Find More Apps’, the App Center will load. Type in the name of the the app you want. For this example, type YouTube and choose the second app, “Youtube Tab,” which I recommend.

Adding Apps

Click on the ‘Go to App’ button and then click the ‘Install Application’ on the next page.

Adding YouTube App

Install YouTube App resized 600After you click the ‘Install Application’, follow the instructions to add the app to your page. (If you manage more than one page, select the page you want.) Now click ‘Add Page Tag’.

Confirm App on Page 1 resized 600

To make sure you’re connected, go to your Facebook page and see that the YouTube app is added to your tab.

YouTube Added resized 600

Now do the reverse – Connect your YouTube channel to you Facebook page. First click on the Facebook tab to edit the settings. Then click on the words ‘Administrator Panel’ 

Edit YouTube Tab Settings resized 600Next, add your YouTube Channel’s name. Paste the link of the video you want your visitors to see first. Adjust the ‘Player theme’ to dark or light, then click ‘save settings’. 

Edit YouTube Tab Settings resized 600When your visitors click on your YouTube tab, your highlighted video will display.

12. Build your personal brand.

For your first post, start building your personal brand on Facebook. For instance, upload an image that describes your work. Include your Salon Plaza website address, such as http://www.salonplaza.com/your-name


Low Fade resized 600

13. Connect your personal website with your Facebook page:

Log in to your Salon Plaza Member Account. Scroll down to the bottom and add your Facebook URL. If you are active on Twitter, connect to your Twitter account as well. Click SAVE INFO and these links will become active on your personal Salon Plaza website.

Salon Plaza Facebook Page and Personal Website

Salon Plaza Member Exclusive: 

Follow these steps to create your Facebook business page. As soon as you go live and post your first message, let us know in the ‘Comments’ below…

We’ll feature you on our Salon Plaza Success Blog!