Salon Owners Secret to Happiness in Woodbridge VA: Downsize to Upsize!

Salon Owners Secret to Happiness in Woodbridge VA: Downsize to Upsize!


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Salon Owners Secret to Happiness…

Meet Lathia Bland, Owner of Lele’s Diva Stylez Hair Studio

Salon Plaza’s Very Talented Member of the Month for January!

Before running my salon out of a Salon Plaza Studio, I owned a traditional salon with 5 booths, 4 stylists, and 2 assistants. That’s a lot of different personalities to manage.

We were doing really well, but making sure everyone got what they needed was a big responsibility – I would always take care of them first and forget about myself.

It got pretty complicated. If you own a salon you know what I mean.

That’s not so good when you have to support a family

One day when I was buying product at Cosmopro at the Festival Shopping Center, I saw a Salon Plaza sign for its new location. So I wrote down the number and gave them a call. Julie Badura, the regional manager, spoke with me. She’s awesome.

Took the tour and thought –

‘This is a better fit for me. I’ll still be in business FOR myself, but not BY myself. Salon Plaza will take care of all the maintenance and overhead. And I can focus on my clients one-to-one and do what I love to do best.’

Lathia Bland LeLe's Diva Stylez Hair Studio Woodbridge salon owners secretThat was 2 years ago. I’m signing another 2-year lease…

I’m not going anywhere!

Downsizing is the best thing I’ve done. It is a salon owners secret to happiness. I would never go back to a big salon ever again. I like the private atmosphere. I can close my door and be more intimate with my clients. The overall layout is really nice.

With the overhead of a 5-booth salon, I paid out more of the money I took in. And had a LOT more headaches. Now with fewer problems, I’m making pretty good money.

If you want to plan for salon owner success –

This is the best kind of “upsizing” – Both my clients and I benefit!

Advice to salon owners –

Salon Owners Secret: Downsize Your Headaches and Upsize Your Enjoyment…

Forget the overhead. Forget worries and the stress of keeping your salon up and running with stylists. Even when you have great staff like I did, it’s a LOT of responsibility to keep everyone busy and happy working together.

Being a Member of Salon Plaza is the best thing you could do…

You can’t go wrong

Julie_Badura_jacket salon owners secretLet me say a word about the Regional Manager – our “Start-up Specialist”:

Julie is awesome. Even before I moved in, she really was there for me. She enjoys what she does, which I can tell by her caring personality. She helped me make up my mind.

Like you might be feeling right now, I was going back and forth. I hesitated because I was used to having more space. Because I couldn’t see as many people at one time, I would have to change my whole way of scheduling…

We can be more afraid of change than we need to be

Salon Plaza turned out to be the best career move I ever made. It was an easy adjustment. The other Members are not like ordinary stylists. They all have a sense of ownership. Everyone takes pride in their work.

We are all like a family in here with similar goals and outlook.

You’re going to love it!

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