Salon Owners: Are You Making This Costly Marketing Mistake?

Salon Owners: Are You Making This Costly Marketing Mistake?


Salon Plaza Client Loyalty for SalonsA Costly Marketing Mistake & How To Avoid It…

You’ll know the answer to THAT important question if you can answer these two…

  1. How much money and time do you spend attracting new clients?

  2. How much do you spend on marketing to your current clients?

The reality is, new business owners who desperately need new clients to stay afloat must put most of their attention on acquiring NEW clients.

But don’t be fooled! If you have an existing client base, your #1 focus should shift toward KEEPING the clients you already have.

If you’re like most salon owners and independent stylists, you pull out all of the stops to woo a stranger to come into your salon, yet ignore the very people who keep your doors open for business.

Sound familiar? Then this blog post is meant for you…

3 Reasons Why Marketing To Your Current Clients Is Key To Your Prosperity

Salon Owners Marketing Advice1. Attracting new clients is getting harder and more expensive

It takes time and money to bring in new clients. In fact, it’s 5 TIMES more expensive to gain a new client than to keep an existing one. Especially for local businesses like hair salons, only a limited number of prospects who live or work nearby are looking for a new stylist.

2. Regular clients are more likely to refer you

You are far more likely to ask for and get referrals from clients who know, like and trust you.

3. Your base provides a solid, steady cash flow that you can depend on

Your regulars keep your revenues steady. And they spend more on products and services when they come in.

Think about what would happen if you lost existing clients faster than you attracted new ones… If that were to happen, your take home pay would be on a downhill slide.

You Can Prevent This Costly Marketing Mistake Simply By Paying Attention!

The #1 reason why clients stop visiting a business? Clients feel unappreciated, unimportant, or taken for granted. Among clients who switch to another provider, 68% do so due to neglect.

When your clients come into your salon, they enjoy the wonderful, restful feeling of getting pampered with personal attention. How you pamper and care for your clients in between visits matters, too.

How can you make them feel special and unique when they are NOT in your chair?

1. Make your client feel important, appreciated and respected

salon owner lost client attraction system

“Marketing” to your current clients might seem like a novel idea. If you keep a list of your clients and know their phone numbers, addresses, and emails, there’s a lot you can do to stay in touch and make them feel valued in between visits.

You can express gratitude with client appreciation events, by acknowledging them in your media by name, and by creating a frequent visitor reward program.

2. Have a plan to bring back lost clients

To do this, you must keep track of your clients’ visits. When one stops showing up for a period of time, pick up the phone and give him a call with an irresistible offer in mind. Or send her a letter with a “missing you” message and special offer.

Existing clients are the life-blood of your business… Don’t give up to early or too easily. This is a marketing mistake!

3. Develop new products and services your clients will love

Use your innate creativity to come up with new services and products that will appeal to their wants, needs, and desires. Stay current and find new offerings that set you apart from the rest.

Your existing clients are your most important asset. It makes sense to spend time retaining, nurturing, and growing their value to your livelihood. This is simply the best way to grow your business and your profits.

Taking your clients for granted is one marketing mistake you don’t want to make!

What is the most important thing you do to keep your existing clients loyal? Share your comments in the box below.

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