Salon Marketing Mysteries Solved! 35 Things Every Owner Should Know

Salon Marketing Mysteries Solved! 35 Things Every Owner Should Know


salon plaza business advice you should  know - marketing mysteries

From “How To Name Your Salon” to – 

“How To Attract Clients Like Crazy!”

Oh, sweet marketing mysteries – at last, we’ve found the answers. Come along as we investigate everything from…

  • Should every cosmetologist be active on Facebook?
  • How can I get more business on a shoe-string budget?
  • What does it take to open my dream salon?
  • Why do some salon pro’s flounder while others prosper?

Salon Plaza Attract Client with the right Salon Name - marketing mysteriesWhen you’re your own boss, you face those thorny questions, marketing mysteries, and a whole lot more! You could spend the rest of time trying to figure it all out, or you could follow along with our most popular posts as they reveal the solutions to every independent stylist’s most perplexing problems.

Ready to make sense of these marketing mysteries? (Well, almost everything. You’re on your own with what to do with all that extra cash flow!)

Let’s go!

It’s my DREAM to own my own shop… AM I READY?

Hairstylist In Virginia Beach Creates Her Own Space For Prosperity

What should I name my salon? 

How To Name Your Salon

Unique Salon Names: 5 Rules To Attract Clients Like A Magnet

Hiring stylists is a thorny problem. What’s the best way to meet that challenge?

How To Find, Hire, & Keep Great Hairstylists 

Hire Hair Stylists? How To Avoid That 92% Train Wreck

Day after day, year after year, how do I stay motivated and keep my work fresh?

Salon Plaza Lisa Pettway - Marketing Mysteries

Salon Owner’s Guide To Success: What Is Your “WHY”?

What is the one most important thing I must know to succeed in the beauty industry?

The One Magic Power Of Successful Salon Owners

Can a booth renter become a salon owner – and prosper?

Is Salon Ownership In Your Future? Watch How Lisa Pettway Made It Happen!

Can a commissioned stylist run her own salon profitably?

How Commissioned Waldorf Stylist Tripled Her Income – Secrets Revealed!

Do I have what it takes… am I ready to stop dreaming and start owning?

Salon Booth Renters – Are YOU Ready To Take Charge Of Your Future? 

I’ve decided to make the break – how do I get started right?

How To Open A Salon – 7 Secrets To Get Started Right 

Whether I’m naturally outgoing or truly a private person, what’s the best way to play to my strengths?

Cat vs Dog Personality Styles

Salon Plaza Inventory Control - marketing mysteries

Are there any Hidden Truths for succeeding in this business?

Hidden Truth of Salon Owner Success

How can I build long-term success?

193 Clients! How Salon Plaza Member in Fountain Square Builds Her Base

Don’t Take That Shortcut!

How do I handle inventory?

Inventory Pricing and Control

Is it possible to run a stress-free salon? Yes, it’s possible, if you know…

What Holds The KEY To HAPPINESS In YOUR Life?

How do I market myself online without wasting my limited resources?

4 Simple Shoestring-Budget Ways To Get Web Clients

Get More Website Visits & Clients With Link Building

What about social media? Is it worth my time?

Heavenly Hair In Fountain Square Is Active On Facebook – Here’s Why

Salon Plaza Cash Flow Is King - marketing mysteries

How to prosper and succeed as a salon owner:

3 Key Building Blocks in EVERY Business Success

How To Run Your Own Beauty Salon: Cash Flow is King

What can I learn from other stylists who have taken the plunge and opened their own shop?

Hairstylists in Laurel MD Reach Their Biggest Goals Ever – Here’s How!

Salon Plaza’s August Member Of The Month Is A Real Go Getter!

Hairstylist in Norfolk VA Returns To Salon Plaza – 5 Reasons Why!

How to make more while doing less…

How To Get More High-End Clients

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Why People Buy

How do I get my name out there locally? 

3 Ways To Raise Revenues With Neighborhood Marketing

Salon Owner Guerilla Marketing To Attract Clients Like Crazy

Salon Plaza Brand Image - marketing mysteries

It’s hard enough to attract new clients in the first place, how do I keep them coming back?

Salon Owner In Virginia Beach Reveals How To Build Client Loyalty

Create Customer Loyalty By Mastering The Consultation

What prosperity tips can you give me to get my day off to a great start?

7 Things Successful Owners Do By 8 AM

When a little publicity would help A LOT…

How To Get Free Publicity In 5 Easy Steps

Among all the available choices (there are so many stylists!) why should a prospect choose me?

Create A Brand Experience Only YOU Can Deliver

I’m ready for the freedom of being my own boss – how do I get started?

7 Steps To Freedom Start-Up Plan

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