Open A Studio Salon: 7 Simple Steps To More Freedom, Profits & FUN!

Open A Studio Salon: 7 Simple Steps To More Freedom, Profits & FUN!

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Did you know?

The Studio Salon Is The Fastest Growing Concept In Salon Ownership

If YOU are thinking about opening a hair, nail or skin care salon, you’ve come to the right place. Salon Plaza is all about making it EASY to get started right and run your studio salon on your own terms.

It just takes these 7 Simple Steps to get your studio salon or spa up and running:

1. Know Your WHY

Are you a salon booth renter who is tired of building someone else’s dream… or a salon owner overwhelmed with the daily stresses and strains of running a traditional salon? If that describes you, perhaps it’s time you opened the door to more freedom, control and FUN with a studio salon of your own.

Imagine never having to find, hire or manage stylists, deal with that leaky faucet, or worry about the costs of overhead…

“What I love about Salon Plaza is that it allows me to have my own salon without the overhead. Salon Plaza has helped me grow my clientele, especially with all the walk-ins we get at Liberty Court.”

Salon Plaza makes it east to get out from under all that stress and practice your craft in a way that’s more profitable and far less risky. Do you have a solid book of business? If you do, and can take them with you, your next step is to…

2. Choose Your Location Wisely

Studio Salon Owner Fannie Cooper Considering all the competition out there, think carefully about where you open your shop. The salon space you choose will be a big factor for your success.

For starters, pick a location that’s convenient for your current clients. Our Plazas are located in shopping centers with lots of available parking and prominent signage.

“My studio is my home away from home — a place I can call my own.”

Salon Plaza’s name recognition will help you grow your base and keep your book full.

3. You Get To Personalize Your Style and Décor

“The beauty industry is the only place I know that gives instant gratification that turns a frown upside down. That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about running my own salon.

At Salon Plaza I like the way everything flows in here. It’s “user friendly”.

As a beauty specialist, you probably have a strong sense of esthetics. Truth is, the best way to build your business is to create a uniquely personal, consistent experience for your clients. You can create a “brand experience” based on your specific skills and unique personality traits. We’re talking about combining the best of who you are and how you serve others into a brand promise that attracts, pleases, and gets recommended.

“When I opened Blow a Salon in Virginia Beach, nearly all of my clients followed me here. Why? Because in my studio salon, I can give them an individualized, one-on-one experience. My clients appreciate this.”Studio Salon Owner Lance Van Auken

~ Lance Van Auken, owner of BLOW A SALON in Virginia Beach

Studio salons offer you the advantage of being able to give personal attention, one-to-one, the way each client wants and deserves. You’ll attract more clients who are a good fit – and keep them loyal to you. This matters, because the only thing no one else can ever do is… BE YOU!

Curious about what all this means for you? Then click here to set up a tour…

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4. Choose Your Services, Prices and Hours

The salon services you offer, the prices you set and the hours you choose are all part of creating your brand experience. Developing your personal brand is a fun and exciting way to express who you are as a salon professional and as a person. Here’s what Fannie Cooper has to say about that…

“My motto is,

‘A Full Service Hair Salon Where You Let Yourself Be Pampered.’

I want my customers to feel fabulously pampered when they leave me, with a style that fits their face. Done by me, Fannie. It stays real personal that way.” 

~ Fannie Cooper, owner of FABULOUS FACES in Oxon Hill, MD

You’ll also want to set up your business banking and phone. Talk with your Plaza Start-Up Specialist for guidance on opening a business checking account, choosing a credit card company and phone service. Here’s something that’s probably on your mind already – what should you name your salon?

5. Choose Your Salon Name

If you are wondering about how to choose the best salon name, here’s a tip. Make sure it reflects something unique about your brand experience. That way your salon name will help you to attract the kind of clients who are right for you. You might consider what Galiana did…Studio Salon Owner Name a Salon

“I love what I do, and I want to use my own name. It helped me to keep my clients when I moved into my Salon Plaza studio. They know it’s still me in my new salon with the same great services.

Having my name on the door means I am in control of my image. Everything I do comes back to me. Customers can easily find me. Plus, it challenges me as a business owner to build and protect my name.”

Once you have your salon name, you’ll need to get your business licenses. The licenses you will need vary from city to city. But don’t worry! Our New Salon Owner Start-Up Packet makes step this simple and straightforward.

Here’s another cool benefit – your Salon Plaza Membership includes $1 million in Professional Liability Insurance to help you sleep well at night.

6. Choose Your Products

You’ll need products to use and product to sell. When it comes to buying inventory, how will you get the best price? As the owner of a studio salon, you can sell your favorite products and get to keep 100% of the profits.

One of the fastest and best ways to grow your revenues and keep your clients longer is to sell products. That’s because the right products enhance your work and help you to attract new clients. Weeks after their appointment, your clients’ hair will still be FREE ADVERTISING for you. Plus, with lasting results you’re more likely to get recommended.

7. Get The Word Out – You’ll Be Open Soon!

Studio Salon Owner Natalia Lancaster Bella Vita Salon Richmond VAIf you only get new clients by word of mouth, you’re missing out on a lot of new business. You may have tried other ways, like advertising in the local newspaper or maybe even Groupon. You don’t need to limit yourself like this. At Salon Plaza, we give you a personal website and show you how to grow your salon business with social media.

Only 2 things keep you from doing what our Members are already doing to quickly grow their book:

Knowing WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

At Salon Plaza, we help you to follow step-by-step methods already PROVEN to work. Our members feel supported by our Prosperity Club – weekly business building tips to get your marketing set right up, keep your phone ringing, and your chair as full as you want it to be.

“I like the support. You have your own studio and get to be your own boss. Salon Plaza has a ton of perks. What are YOU waiting for?”

~ Natalia Lancaster, owner of BELLA VITA SALON at Fountain Square in Richmond, VA

Ready, Set… GO!

Who else is seeking the opportunity to Own It! COULD IT BE YOU? Joining our community of salon professionals makes salon ownership more affordable and far less risky! You’ll be in business FOR yourself, never BY yourself. But don’t take my word for it… go see for yourself.

To take a VIP tour of the Salon Plaza Studios nearest you, click here:

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