Hairstylists: Who Else Wants An Easy Way To Paint a Picture of YOU?

Hairstylists: Who Else Wants An Easy Way To Paint a Picture of YOU?

Hairstylists, Turn Your USP Into A Powerful Image Of You!

hairstylistsIf you’ve been reading these blog posts or learning about MARKETING from another excellent source, then you already know how to create marketing that…

  • Works FOR you 
  • GROWS your book
  • Keeps your chair FULL – 

And you know…
One of the first steps is to discover your USP – Your Unique Selling Promise

You will use this description of your professional self to let potential clients know who you are, what makes you different, and WHY they should choose YOU above all the rest!

Read on for 5 quick steps to turn your USP into a powerful image of YOU…

By clearly saying what makes YOU their best choice – and using your USP to build rapport – you will keep your clients coming back to you by giving them your WHY.

“Be Different Or Die”

With the salon industry being so competitive, you must stand out from all the others in your market area. Otherwise, your salon business will struggle and could go belly up.

To keep your salon from being just one more market provider, you must get recognized as a one-and-only, unique provider of hair care services for your ideal clients.

You must be a leader in your niche

Would you like an easy way to come up with great words to describe your professional self? Once you figure that out, you can share your Unique Selling Promise with your “target audience” or “niche”.

Your “niche” is the group of people you would most like to have as clients. These locals will have similar characteristics – such as teachers who work at a school near your salon, or women suffering from hair loss.

Here’s a COOL way to make (and improve) images like these:

hairstylists, Lance Van Auken owns Blow A Salon Best VA Beach resized 600

1. Choose a method for describing you

For instance, you could take a personality quiz, get your numerology chart done, or follow this Salon Owner’s Success Blog post for more ideas.

2. Create a word or text doc

Whichever method you choose, copy the text describing your qualities and drop them into a word doc or text editor. You will come back to this document in a minute to make a few changes.

3. Now open WORDLE.net

If you’re using Chrome as a browser, it won’t work. Try Safari instead. You will need to download some Java Script. Just follow the steps to download and install it.

4. Paste your text in WORDLE and click GO

It will make a visual image like these. The more a word turns up in your text, the bigger it will appear in the image.

3. Look at what you have

Look carefully at the image and find words that don’t contribute much to describing who you are, like “may” or “something” or “number”.

4. Improve the image

Go back to the text in your word doc and search for a word you want to change and replace it with your name. Do this several times with the “unimportant” words. You can even repeatedly add a word or two that you would like to show up bigger – like BEST or your salon name.

5. Make your final changes

Now see what your images looks like… You can adjust the font and colors. A quick way to do this is to click “randomize” at the bottom of the screen.

Have fun and play. You can even customize the word colors to match your salon colors!

hairstylists, Lance Van Auken Salon Plaza Hilltop

TIP: The text you put into WORDLE doesn’t need to make sense. You are making an image that counts how often a word is used. (Of course, it skips over words like “the” or “a”.)
TIP: If you want two words to appear together, put ~ between them, such as Salon~Plaza. Then they will always show up together without the “~”.

What can you DO with your WORDLE?

Do you have screen capture? Take a picture of your WORDLE and save it as a JPEG file. Now it’s an image that can go anywhere you’d like.

    • Put it on your business card
    • Post it on Facebook
    • Upload it to Photobucket or Instagram
    • Post wherever you put your photos and images

You can even enlarge it and put it on the wall of your salon.

If you want more great tips for hairstylists or any salon professional, like these to grow your business, plus inspirational stories of those who run their own salon successfully, then stay tuned – sign up now!

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