Hair Salons in Laurel, Bowie, Hyattsville Use Facebook To Get Clients

Hair Salons in Laurel, Bowie, Hyattsville Use Facebook To Get Clients


facebook salon owner attract clients - Hair salons in Laurel - Michelle ReneeSalon Plaza Gives Hair Salons In Laurel and Their Owners Hot New Tools To Build Their Business…

Want to know how to use Facebook to get more clients?

Salon Plaza recently held a class in Bowie, MD for its Salon Owner Members on the best ways to attract new clients – even in THIS economy.

Michelle Renee, our Member of the Month and owner of Elegant Styles Salon in Hyattsville, MD, attended. That’s because she wants to grow as a business owner and entrepreneur — precisely WHY she’s one of our TOP Salon Owners…

Here’s what she has to say about our Business Skills Class and Salon Plaza…

“My biggest takeaway is that Salon Plaza really cares about its Members. They didn’t have to rent the space, hire the speaker, and offer the class.

The speaker was uplifting and an inspiration. And they gave us food!

What I learned is that it’s a struggle right now for a lot of stylists. But we don’t just have to hold on and wait. There are things we can do right now to bring in more business.

For instance, they gave us referral loyalty cards to use.

They showed us how to use Facebook and Twitter to promote our business and stay in touch in between appointments.

They provide us with our own website for our business and encouraged everyone to go and update it.

They were open to what we had to say and asked,

“What can we do to help you?”

Another Salon Plaza Member at the class suggested they do some radio advertising and offer $10 OFF to first-time clients.

Salon Plaza took our suggestion, and they are doing just that!

My Secret To Keeping My Chair Full:

There is no point in sitting around waiting for new clients to come in. How are they going to know WHERE you are if they don’t know WHO you are?

In the slow time, that’s when you have to pass out your business cards. It’s like planting seeds.

I’m a team player at Salon Plaza. This class was a chance to meet salon owners from other Plazas, such as Laurel, Bowie, as well as Hyattsville. I can see that it’s not just me – Right now everyone is trying to build their client base!

Salon Plaza is giving us the tools to do just that! I LOVE Salon Plaza!”

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If your income is slipping as the recession lingers, rather than simply doing more of the same, use one of the best marketing strategies available:

Make sure your clients feel like they matter –

Of course, YOU know your clients are special, valued, heard and appreciated. But do THEY feel that way?

Ask for their feedback! Ask them in person.

You can also reach them through Facebook and ask them to comment!

Be ready to improve or even overhaul certain aspects of your salon – The atmosphere, service, or products offered.

To show your clients you listen to them, give them the results of your survey. Tell them…

      • I asked you for your opinions and this is what you said…
      • I heard you! This is what I’ve done to give you the best possible experience, every time you visit my salon…

Do this now and watch your income grow, even in the midst of this ‘slow’ economy!

You see, if you’re honest and upfront with your customers – and let them know are listening to them to provide a superior experience, your clients will become more loyal to you than ever before.

This is just one part of Salon Plaza’s overall system for creating secure, predictable profits…

      • Do you sometimes wonder how can you make your business stand out from the rest?
      • Do you clearly know what makes you unique?
      • Can you put this into a compelling, attractive, loyalty-building MARKETING MESSAGE?

This is a common question salon owners in our highly competitive industry ask us, and one that you should be asking yourself now.

To discover what sets YOU apart from all other hair salons in Laurel and how to attract more clients and build long term relationships than ever before, we’ve put together…

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