Hair Salon Owners: 12 Proven Ways to Get More Calls From Your "CAMM"

Hair Salon Owners: 12 Proven Ways to Get More Calls From Your “CAMM”


Your “CAMM” – Client Attract Marketing Magnet

Hair Salon Owners Will Gain Power When They Use These 12 Proven Copywriting Secrets…

Good marketing for hair salon owners is not about trying to be clever or gimmicky with your words. The best marketing starts a conversation with your most likely clients – a communication that builds trust and shows the value of your service to meet personal needs and wants.

Even with limited space, you can incorporate several of these tips in the same marketing magnet. To show you what we mean, we’ll use examples from our Salon Plaza Members’ Personal Webpages.

To get more BANG for your marketing BUCK$, include these 12 tried and true elements of good copy in your “Client Attraction Marketing Magnet”:

1: State Clear Benefits

Your marketing materials will be much more effective if you remind viewers of the benefits of your service. The number one most important job of your communications is to answer the question,

“Among all the alternatives, including doing it myself, why should I choose you?”

Client Attraction Marketing Magnet State Clear Benefits Joann Kohut - hair salon owners

What are the benefits you give your clients as hair salon owners? What you say doesn’t have to appeal to everyone. Be specific to address a particular need – to some, it will be exactly what they are looking for.

For example, the clear benefit this salon owner provides is right in the name of the salon!! If you don’t have hair loss, this might not speak to you. But if you DO! There’s no question Mary Owens is here to help you…  Click on the image to see her excellent statement of who she benefits – and how:

Client Attraction Marketing Magnet State Clear Benefits Mary Owens Hair Medics - hair salon owners

2: Tell A Story

When you begin a story, people naturally want to hear how it ends. Marketing messages that tell a story will often make the phone ring off the hook. Notice how this Salon Plaza Member wraps many benefits into her story.

Client Attraction Marketing Magnet Tell a Story Keish George - hair salon owners

3: Ask A Question

You can’t help it. When asked a question, your mind answers it. This feeling of engagement with your message might be all you need to get calls.

Want some suggestions?

  • Am I Crazy To Offer This Hairstyle for Only $13.25?
  • Are You Ever Stressed Out Before A Party?
  • Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Hair – And Your Life?
  • Can You Pass This Natural Hair Test?
  • Girls… Want Quick Curls?
  • Have You Ever Said, “I’m Just Having A Bad Hair Day”?
  • Have You Got These Symptoms of Hair Exhaustion?
  • Looking To Grow Out Your Hair With A Great In-Between Style?
  • Would You Like To Have a Movie Star Look?

4: Remove The Pain

If what you are offering protects people from a pain, threat or danger, be sure to include that in your marketing magnet.

Client Attraction Marketing Magnet Remove Pain Bimala Thapa - hair salon owners

5: Use Specific Numbers

Instead of using rounded numbers like 10, use specific numbers like 13 because the latter looks more precise and worthy of trust than the former.

Client Attraction Marketing Magnet Use Specific Numbers Keta Jackson - hair salon owners

Numbers like $31.11 instead of $30 catch attention — it’s not very often that you see a price for a haircut with cents attached!

Even better if you can give a reason – let’s say you opened your salon on 3-1-11 and you are inviting clients to celebrate your anniversary – and thanking them for their patronage – with a special haircut price to commemorate the day.  You could make this price good for that week only… and use “scarcity” – See #11 below.

6: Use Unusual Characters

Just like the previous tip, odd characters such as ® , % , $, é call attention to your offer. Notice how Shante’ uses an apostrophe after her name to add emphasis and catch your eye.

Client Attraction Marketing Magnet Use Unusual Symbols - hair salon owners

7: Remove Risk

Risk removal is a basic principle of copywriting. If you can make it safe to do business with you, the barrier for someone new to try you will come down. The best ways to remove risk are by including guarantees, offering free trials, and giving FREE samples.

For instance, you could describe the features of a hairstyling tool and then to remove any perceived risk, offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days.

8: Include a Call-to-Action

If you want someone to do something, ask them! Always use a clear call-to-action in your marketing materials.

Client Attraction Marketing Magnet Give A Call To Action Wanda Berry - hair salon owners

What kinds of requests can you make?

  • Bring in this coupon to get your extra service
  • Call to make an appointment
  • Visit us on Facebook

9: Offer A Free Gift

What can you give away that won’t cost you much but has a high perceived value? This builds trust and a sense of reciprocity.

10: Include Social Proof

When we see others, like us, making a decision and being happy with the outcome, it becomes easier for use to do likewise. The more well-known they are, the better.

Social proof is just one of the reasons why this marketing message is getting lots of calls. If you have impressive numbers, use them in your CAMM.

Another source for Social Proof are endorsements from reputable sources. If you can get these, be sure to add them in your marketing message.

For hair salon owners - Client Attraction Marketing Magnet Social Proof Shadonna Jordan

11: Create Scarcity Or Urgency

A person is more likely to take action on your offer if he or she thinks it’s going away. If you can give a fleeting nature to your offer, your Magnet will gain power. For instance, you can create a sense of urgency by adding a “use by” date to a 25% off special.

12: Include Your Phone Number and Location

You’d be surprised how often I see advertising that leaves out important information, such as the CORRECT number to call or the address. Be sure to include yours. If you are able, give a few options such as a link to schedule online and a phone number to call.

Salon Plaza makes adding contact info easy!

Your Turn!

What golden nuggets of good copywriting have you added to your marketing magnet that makes your phone ring more often? Add your #13 to this list to the comments below.

13: ?

The TRUTH is powerfully SIMPLE.

If you want to take control of your success as hair salon owners, then you must take action with your marketing.

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