Hair Salon Owner: Take These 7 Steps in 7 Days and Reap The Rewards

Hair Salon Owner: Take These 7 Steps in 7 Days and Reap The Rewards

Words To The Wise for a Hair Salon Owner…

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Don’t waste time figuring it all out on your own – Instead, follow these 7 PROVEN action steps of a successful hair salon owner.

Success Leaves Clues

That’s why you should check out the personal stories of our most successful Salon Plaza Members who created their own Space for Prosperity:

Now It’s Your Turn!

As a hair salon owner, you are in two businesses: the business of delivering your services, AND the business of MARKETING your services. And you know, that second part — how to market and advertise your salon — often gets overlooked.

Yesterday I was taking with one of my professional musician friends. That’s when she revealed something many of you can relate with. She told me that she got into music to get away from business.

But what did she find? That being a professional musician is all about being in business for yourself.

Let’s face it – for prosperity to knock at your door, as a hair salon owner you have to market yourself. Since marketing dollars are hard earned money, any dollar spent must bring in more clients (or gigs in her case).

That’s called your ROI, your “Return On Investment.”

Good Marketing Has 3 Elements: Message, Market, Media

Your MESSAGE conveys your Unique Selling Promise – what makes you stand out from another hair salon owner. To be clear, it answers the question, why should someone choose YOU over all other hair salons?

If you want more help in establishing a Brand Experience only you can deliver, check out our post: Your Unique Selling Promise.

Hair Salon Owner Salon Marketing TipsNext, your MARKET are the specific people who want the Brand Experience you provide and can afford your prices. You can’t be all things to all people – you must market yourself to those who would make great clients, be happy with what you deliver, come back for more, and tell others.

And finally, your MEDIA are all of the ways you communicate your message to your market. By the way, this includes your Business Cards, Facebook and other Social Media, Invitations… anything you put out there about yourself and your salon that is designed to create connections and bring in new business.

Now you might be wondering, what 7 things you can do in 7 days to get a solid ROI (return on your investment)?

Take These 7 Actions In 7 days – And Reap The Rewards

Ready to create your Client Attraction Magnet? Get started by choosing your MESSAGE, your MARKET, and your MEDIA.

Day 1:

As a hair salon owner, you can survey your clients to uncover WHAT you’re really good at from their perspective. This is your unique selling promise that will become your MESSAGE. Ask each client you see today what they like best about you.

  • If it’s her first time in, how did she find you?
  • What one thing stands out in her mind about your service today?
  • If she is a regular client, ask what keeps her coming back to you…
  • What one thing would she not change?

Day 2:

Salon Plaza Member Hair Salon OwnerDetermine WHO you want to attract. This is your MARKET. List the characteristics of your favorite clients – the type of people you’d like to attract as a hair salon owner.

  • What PROBLEMS do you solve for them?
  • And what PAIN do you eliminate?
  • Do you help them fulfill their DREAMS or DESIRES?
  • How might their lives CHANGE?
  • And the real BENEFITS of the services you provide?

You are not just providing hair care, you are giving them a better life.

Day 3:

Come up with an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER and give it a unique, descriptive name. To be clear, this is another element of your MESSAGE. As a hair salon owner, it could be an extra service or a product discount.

As you know, a referral is more likely to become regular client, so how about offering 2 for 1:

  • “Bring a friend for the price of one service.”
  • Come up with a unique NAME for this special service.
  • Clearly tell them what you want them to do
  • Create urgency with a limited offer – “Bring in this card before DATE to get your extra special service.”
  • If they come a few days late, still honor it – it got them to call for an appointment!

Day 4:

Collect a few testimonials to gain SOCIAL PROOF. People like to use the services that others like themselves will vouch for. A good testimonial in NOT a character reference. Here’s how to ask for – and get – great testimonials that will help new prospects feel like they already know, like and trust you.

Day 5:

Now create your compelling MEDIA. This is a “salon business card” – on overdrive! Type or handwrite your message. Remember to add testimonials and invite them to take action on your irresistible offer. My best suggestions is to go to a shop like Kinko’s and print it out on yellow card stock. That’s because yellow gets the most calls. Add a photo of you, if you’d like.

This is your MESSAGE to your MARKET on your chosen MEDIA – with social proof and your irresistible offer.

If you want more help crafting your message, sign up for our 52 Key To Salon Success – Totally FREE to licensed beauty salon professionals.

Day 6:

Hit the pavement. No hair salon owner ever made more connections by waiting for the phone to ring. Instead… Create your Avatars!

  • Go to the business next door and offer to host their business cards in exchange for offering your announcement.
  • Go to the nearest upscale shopping area and causally talk to people. Hand out your marketing media to people who look like someone you’d like as a client.
  • Do a little every day, and it will begin to work for you.

Day 7:

Finally, be sure to track your results so you can measure your ROI. Keep track of how many people bring in that coupon. How much…

  • TIME did you spend creating and handing out this announcement?
  • MONEY did you spend?
  • NEW BUSINESS did you attract?

Asking questions like these is the ONLY way to make sure you get a Big Bang For Your Bucks!

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