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Salon Profiles by Teresa

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“Healthy Hair is Good Hair”

Teresa Price, Owner of Style Profiles in Largo, MD

Style Profiles provides professional services to improve the health, look and length of your hair. Teresa offers natural and chemical processes including custom color and hair extensions for a full and natural new look.

Good Hair / Bad Hair?

“You’re just a haircut away from having good hair.”

It’s not about texture – it’s about healthy hair. Any hair texture can turn bad from neglect, over-processing or harsh chemicals. Healthy hair is good hair.

Catering to adult professional women, Style Profiles specializes in hairstyles that are conservative to slightly trendy. Teresa partners with each client to improve the health and appearance of their hair.

You can feel secure that your new look will be professional. Call now to make an appointment – (301) 333-0454


  • High lights/Low lights
  • Ombre
  • Single/Double/Triple process
  • Demi/Perm/Semi
  • Creative Formulas and Techniques

Natural Hair Care

  • Silk press
  • Dry set
  • Twist out
  • Gentle care for Natural Hair


  • Relaxers
  • Precise Cutting
  • Treatments
  • Wraps/Sets/Blowdry n'Curl
  • Hair Extensions

"My hair has never looked so healthy or grown this long before..." thx

~ Sharon K.

"Good Hair" is Healthy Hair. Bad hair can be just a haircut away from being "Good Hair".

~ Hairstylist Teresa

“I guess you know what you're doing. My hair has never grown so long. People keep telling me how healthy my hair looks now.”

~ Azure from Largo