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Nichole Premmer

Hair Stylist

N' Touch Hair Studios

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I have been doing hair for the past 14yrs and it doesnt even seem like I have been doing it that long and thats because I love what I do and very passionate at it.

To feel that people walk out of the salon feeling like brand new person because of my work.

I always say you come in as a client but you leave as family the N’Touch Family. Heathly Hair Care is very important to me . I am always contuining my education in hair so that I can be fresh new up in coming trends. I specialize in color and multicultural hair. Also know the military regulations for women in the service. I listen to what my clients have to say and there concerns. because I have always went by the motto treat people they way you would want to be treated. Providing professional services by appointment. Please contact me directly for more information.


  • Shampoo style
  • Silk Wrap $45 starting
  • Flexy Rod set $50
  • Roller set $40
  • Updo's starting at $50 depending on length
  • Two Strand twists


  • Cut and Style $50 - $55
  • Childs Cut $40


  • Full Hlite $80 starting depending on length
  • Partial Hilite $75
  • Carmalizing 2 colors $95
  • Carmalizing 3 colors $125
  • All over Color $75
  • Color Retouch $55

Permanent Wave/Relaxer

  • Perms Basic $75
  • Spiral Perm $100 starting
  • Virgin Relaxer $85 - $90
  • Relaxer Retouch $75
  • GK Keratain Treatment $150 starting lasts up to 3 to 5 months

Natural Hair Care

  • Conditioning Treatment $10
  • Reconstructive Treatment $15 - $20
  • GK Keratain Maintance Conditioning Treatment $ 20 - $25
  • Sew in

Skin Care

  • Eyes Brow Wax $10
  • Lip $15

I have been going to Nickie for over 5 years and I don't think I could trust my hair to anyone else in the Hampton Roads area! After boot camp and "A" school my hair had taken a beating and Nickie help to revive my hair to get it healthy. She really cares about keeping your hair healthy and to me that's the key thing I look for in stylist! Anyone can style your hair, but not very many care about the health of your hair and growing it! Thank you Nickie for being so great! So if you don't feel like your stylist cares about helping to keep your hair healthy, then it's probably time for a change...and Nickie would definitely get your hair on the right track!

~ Sophie

I need to post pics of what Nickie can do. I live in Houston right now (my home), but my biggest regret about leaving VA was leaving the best stylist on the planet! My hair went from ear length to down my back with Nickie, and she kept it healthy. When I did move back to Houston, NO ONE could believe that all that hair was mine. She takes pride in her work and it shows. I've gone natural since then, but regardless of how I wear my hair, I have yet to find anyone as good as Nickie

~ Tamika

Nic, you have been my stylist for as long as I can remember getting my hair done ... like 8yrs now! I always have appreciated your professionalism, intelligence, and passion for what you do! I especially like that you are adventurous when it comes to styles as a regular ol" flat iron gets boring, you had a twist with curls, flips or bangs lol! Your prices have always been reasonable and NO STYLIST I have ever been to have beaten your record wait time 30min max (if that)!!! Especially, I cherish the friendship we have developed over the years that extends beyond the walls of the studio.Your nurturing spirit, compassion, and wisdom always encourages me to make it through those weeks until my next apt!! Love you lots and those who don't know....CHECK YA GIRL OUT!! Ohhh you will be making a second appt :-) lolMy love and support,


~ Christina

Love N'Touch Hair Studios!!! The studio is very warm and inviting. Nicki is a stylist that actually pays attention to the needs and wishes of her clients. After disappointing experiences with other stylists at high-end salons, Nicki is a breath of fresh air! She gave me exactly what I requested, and I will be going back. See you soon!

~ Liz