Jenna's Hair Studio

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Jenna’s Hair Studio

Nania ‘Jenna’ Ndiiaye has over ten years of styling experience, specializing in Natural Hair Care. Jenna joined Salon Plaza in mid-October after months of running her business out of her home to provide a professional and relaxing work environment.

“I’m very honest about what I can give my customers. A big believer in natural hair, I’m not afraid to let you know what’s good and what’s not good for you.

Clients come to me because they want to know their hair will be protected – not damaged. Specializing in braiding and tapering, I tend to not braid too tight. I also give advice on what looks good, how to change things up and how to take care of your hair once you get home.” 

Sterling is a wonderful place. The energy is amazing. I love having my own privacy, and so do my clients!

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  • Natural Hair Styles
  • Braids and Weaves
  • Blow Out
  • Press and Curls
  • Locs
  • Interlocking