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The Mini Makeover – Eyes and complexion:

The Starlet – 45 minute application

The Leading Lady – One hour application:

Paparazzi Perfect – 1.5 hour glamour application, full face makeup including eyebrow design:

Red Carpet Ready – Paparazzi perfect makeup, party lashes, hair styling, and brow design:

Blushing Brides – Complimentary consultation and custom packages sure to make your groom swoon

Special effects, character, and air brushing available

Skin Care

  • Threading
  • Threading is generally referred to as eyebrow threading (for its ability to shape perfect eyebrows) is a 6000 year-old Indian technique. Threading is 100% natural hair removal method which uses an ordinary cotton thread which is skilfully manipulated over the area of the unwanted hair, removing the unwanted hair right from the follicle.
  • For those who are imagining- no there are no nee
  • dles involved, threading uses only a simple cotton thread :)
  • hair removal eyebrow threadingUnlike any other techniques, threading is far superior and holds a very high respect around the world especially for facial hair for the following reasons.
  • Accuracy- Threading can remove a line of hair with extreme precision or target a single hair amongst millions. This makes threading by far the most popular method for eyebrow shaping around the world. From Bollywood to Hollywood, threading is trusted by names like Aishwarya Rai, Brad Pitt, Glen Close, Reese Witherspoon, Liz Hurley, Heather Graham, Cher and Selma Hayek.
  • Painless- Threading is globally considered as one of the most gentle hair removal techniques. Threading does not damage or affect the skin of the treated area and lifts the hair from the very base, largely minimising pain. Threading is natural and gentle, making it suitable for all skin types.
  • Effective- Threading removes all the hair (the very fine and the thick stubborn hair) right from the follicle and the results are even better than waxing.
  • Long lasting- Simply because threading removes a lot more hair than even waxing and ensures all hair is removed, including the finest hair from the follicle. Threading ensures longer lasting results and reduces hair in its quality and quantity, making it extremely suitable for all types of facial hair.