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Debby Gibson, Hairstylist & Color Specialist

Plaza Leader for Salon Plaza Sterling

To look your most beautiful best, visit Hair By Debby.

An American Board-Certified Hair Colorist since 2007, Debby has taken classes with Redken in New York City, and flies to LA for 2 days of extensive classes every so often.

A hairstylist for more than 20 years, she chose to become a beauty professional to make people feel happy and better about themselves.

What do Debby’s client’s say?

No one cuts their hair like she does. It grows out so well that months after the cut, her clients still get compliments.

Her secret?  

Unlike many stylists, she listens exactly to what they want.  Also, the color looks natural.

Salon Plaza Sterling VA Debby Gibson Hair by DebbySomething amazing –

Some of her clients who have moved away can’t find anyone who does their hair like Debby. Either they can’t follow the same cut or the same color. Sometimes the new hairstylist calls to find out how she did it!

Several clients drive at least an hour to get their hair done with her.

Distance doesn’t matter to her loyal clients!

One client moved to Paris for 3 years.  Even in PARIS, she couldn’t find anyone there to do color right.  Twice already, when her company sent her to Florida for work, she bought a ticket and flew up to see Debby to get her hair done!

Her main source of new clients is referrals. She is well-known among teachers at nearby middle and elementary schools, which keeps her chair full – be sure to call in advance to make an appointment.

Dedicated to caring for her clients, Debby cuts hair for cancer patients at their house when needed.  She also visits those who are homebound or disabled and is on the Hospice list for hair stylists in the area.

No matter where clients are going, they always need and want their hair done.  With her great skills as a beauty professional, business owner, and friend, Hair by Debby is among the top Salons in Sterling VA.

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"No one cuts my hair like Debby does. It grows out so well that months after the cut, I still get compliments."

~ Susan B.

"Debby listens to exactly what I want. My color looks so natural, just the way I like it."

~ Patty A.

"Even living in PARIS, I can't find anyone there to do color right. Whenever my company sends me to Florida, I fly up to see Debby to get my hair done. Get your appointment with Debby and you'll be in the best hands."

~ Linda R.