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Andrell Melvin-Cox

Natural Hair Care, Educator


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Drell, Loctician/Natural Hairstylist (aka LocDoc)

My repertoire of experience includes a variety of Locs, Natural Hair, Weaves and Relaxed Services. She studies hair, all shades, textures and lengths, so she can customize her services for each client to achieve a personalized goal with their locs/natural hair.

During these years she noticed clients locs thining, falling off and balding from a varieity of reasons. Therefore, she decided to concentrate on her specialty for loc extensions and creating loc-units for balding areas.

Drell has embraced her mission as a renowned natural hairstylist, also know as the LocDoc and has developed many creative ways to revive locs that have lost its life.

Drell has pushed the boundaries of beauty continuingly creating innovative designs and rehab to her repertoire.

Because of her experiences with loc restoration, she is becoming the most sort out loctician in the metro area.

Natural Hair Care

  • ~~~Offers the following services~~~
  • Starter Locs - Coil curls with comb or Two Strand Twist together like a rope
  • Loc Maintenance - Combination of interlocking and twisting new growth
  • Latch Maintenance - Interlocking new growth
  • Pruning - Remove loose hair on the shaft of the loc
  • Loc Styling - Creativity in designing a style with locs
  • Loc Repair- Repair damaged and weak locs
  • Loc Re-Attachment - Previously grown locs reattached
  • Loc Tightening- Fill-in the loose areas
  • Loc Cultivation - Method in-which to transform natural hair into locs
  • Loc Extension - Instant loc
  • Loc Net - Mehod in which to cover bald areas
  • Loc Weave - Weave using loc'd hair instead of weft hairs
  • Latch Loc - Tighten locs at the roots with latch hook
  • Braid Loc - Individual braids with/without extensions, left in hair to grow into locs
  • Twist Loc - Individual two strand twist with/without extensions, left in the hair to grow into locs
  • REHAB Locs - Hand Made Locs
  • Loc Units - Method in which to give complete coverage over hair loss, or spots
  • Loc Wrap - Method in-which to develop a loc extensionon
  • Loc Bridge - Method in which to cover bald areas
  • Loc Lacefront- Method in which to cover bald areas on hair line