Celebrity Hairstylist & Barber Owns Hair Salon-White Oak Ctr Richmond

Celebrity Hairstylist & Barber Owns Hair Salon-White Oak Ctr Richmond


Richmond VA, White Oak Shopping Center: Salon Plaza is Pleased to Announce Our February Member of the Month

Celebrity Hairstylist – Shadonna Jordan Bethel – Owner of Salon of Elegance

A celebrity hairstylist, Shadonna’s clients include Johnny Gill, Dave Hollister, Lil’ Wayne, Clifton Powell, and many more. She has been a business owner and doing hair since she was in the sixth grade!

 “A hairstylist is an artist; the hair is their canvas.”

shadonna jordan richmond va white oak shopping center salon plaza - celebrity hairstylistHi, I’m celebrity hairstylist Shadonna. When I was 11 I started cutting hair, developed my talent, and realized my gift. People would ask me, “Who did your hair?” I was my own best advertisement.

I’ve always worked for myself and never as an employee or assistant.

When I was 14 and in the 9th grade, I rented my own booth and worked as an apprentice. I went to public school during the day and the Richmond Technical Center at night. Back then it was one of the only beauty schools that offered night classes.

I’d get off the school bus at the salon and do hair. I had already built up a clientele and they followed me there. When I got older I worked with Wahl Clipper Company as a platform artist cutting women and men’s hair.

I became a platform hair cutter before meeting Dave Hollisterbarber salon plaza salon of elegance richmond va - celebrity hairstylist

Let me tell you how I met Dave. He found me. I was at the mall on a Monday, just minding my business. Dave Hollister walked right up to me and asked if I was a model. I said, “No, I do hair.”

Dave asked, “Can you do my hair?” I gave him a card.

They flew me out to New Jersey. A limo and everything was waiting. I was only 21 years old. I became a celebrity stylist by being at the right place at the right time and having the skills.

You see, when I was approached, I was prepared. Always be prepared. Always be ready with a professional business card. Because I was professionally ready and I believed in myself, it happened.

This is very rare.

It doesn’t happen often. Everything fell into my lap. I never went out looking to be a celebrity hairstylist, it just came to me. When you know what you want and just do it, it’s a real blessing. This is the only job I’ve always had – I’ve always only done hair.

I found my passion young and I’m still at it.

Words of Wisdom:

Do hair for all nationalities, all types of hair. Never limit yourself.

Stay true to your craft and your passion and follow your dream. Give your all to your clients, every time. What separates a mediocre stylist from an excellent one is dedication and professionalism.

salon plaza richmond va white oak shadonna salon of elegance - celebrity hairstylist What is professionalism?

Be on time. Dress appropriately. Watch the atmosphere and keep it up-beat. Have a solid work ethic: be prompt, clean, and tidy. Stay current: always keep learning, enhance your skill, stay up on the trends. Take refresher courses. Learn more always.

Even with all the traveling I do, I still come home to the same clients. I have home-based clients, not just celebrities. When I’m gone for 2 or 3 months at a time and my local clients need services, I refer to other stylists, often right here at Salon Plaza.

They always come back to me – they like my professionalism. I’ve never had a problem keeping clientele. I still have some of my same clients who were with me when I was 11 years old!

If you work in someone else’s salon, independent-minded stylists often don’t see eye-to-eye with the owner. If you are well-established and you want to be self-sufficient, you can have your own salon with your own rules.

If you want all of that, it’s worth it to come to Salon Plaza.

If you had the key in your hand to your own salon, would you succeed? Take our Salon Owner Success Quiz… and find out!

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