Beauty Salon Owners & Booth Renters- Are You Acting Neanderthal?

Beauty Salon Owners & Booth Renters- Are You Acting Neanderthal?


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In the beginning of time, before there were grocery stores, before gardening, before dairy cows… we hunted for our food, ate it, got hungry, and hunted again. Then came the great invention called the fence. With shepherding, life became more secure and changed forever.

As Beauty Salon Owners, Who is your herd? 

Likewise, your loyal clients are your “herd”. They know like and trust you. They refer people to you. Your regular clients are far more valuable to you than the potential client who has never yet sat in your chair.

Want to know how to leave caveman days behind forever? Rethink your business-building efforts in this light. How do you attract and retain your clientele now? Do you build your herd and put a fence around them? Fundamentally, all business are the same.

Beauty Salon Owners – Follow these 5 Marketing Mindshifts to Massive Success

1. Change from a DOER of your services to a MARKETER of your services

Two things you should never delegate are your checkbook and your marketing. Without customers or clients, you have no business. If you don’t have enough now, you can attract more by becoming the best marketer of your services. It’s the lifeblood of your business – Do it effectively.

Most salon owners think of how little they can spend to acquire a customer. Instead, consider HOW MUCH you can spend to put someone new in your chair and become a regular member of your herd. As long as you deliver good service, spend enough to acquire a customer, keep them long term, and win big.

2. Stop doing one-step ads

Some salon owners commit to a client attraction plan but quit too soon. One-hit ads don’t keep you “top of mind” long enough to make an impression. They often waste your hard earned dollars.

Instead, create a marketing system that you can use time and time again. A good rule is to think in 3s – commit to sending out 3 postcards or placing 3 door hangers a few weeks apart to the same audience.

3. Determine who your lost customers are, and start a campaign to bring them back

For instance, write one handwritten letter each day to a member of your herd who you haven’t seen for awhile. Put in the note that you noticed s/he hasn’t been in and is missed. Make a gesture of appreciation – an extra service that’s valued but not expensive for you to deliver. Or offer a discount, or a “two for one” – which is a great way to get referrals.

For this to work its magic, include a “use by DATE” to create urgency. Two weeks is about right, or before Christmas (or other holiday/event coming up.) Of course, if they come in, honor the offer – it worked its magic, didn’t it?

4. Create a membership programBeauty Salon Owners How To Attract Clients 2

This is also called a continuity program. For example, every month members get a cut and color, one hair product of their choosing, and your newsletter, all for a discounted package price. Now, the key is they must sign up for 6 months or a year. You automatically charge them each month.

What a relief! Base your price on the value to you of a regular customer. Make it win-win. If you know your numbers, you can price this with confidence.

5. Find and nurture your ideal customers

What if I told you one key to business success is to discriminate? Would you throw me out and never read another post? Here’s what I mean. Decide who values your services, and only MARKET to those who are highly interested and can afford your fees. Build your herd by attracting the right people for your salon. Yes, SERVE ANYONE, but spend your marketing dollars to find and nurture your ideal clientele.

Now start putting these tips to work for YOU.

Don’t waste time wondering if “herding” works – You just need to work it. Tips like these are magic if you use them.

The key to all prosperity is to learn what works and take action every day to make it work for you. Like Nike says, “Just Do It.”

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